MSL 025: Lab Rant – How Does Sunday Make You Feel?

In this “Lab Rant” Jason discusses the pit he used to get in his stomach on Sunday nights when he worked a corporate job.

How Does Sunday Make You Feel?

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Show Notes From Jeff Coga

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  • Dana

    Reply Reply August 23, 2014

    Another great rant watching Show Notes from Jeff. I really like the “rants” because they are not long and drawn out and get to the point and give great advice, tips and tricks and even motivate me into getting my crap together.

    • Jeff Coga

      Reply Reply September 30, 2014

      My worries is that people will actually watch the show notes more then listen to the podcast. I hope that wasn’t the case! HA!!!

  • Britanica

    Reply Reply August 26, 2014

    Back when I worked as a vet assistant, I rarely worked on Sundays, but almost always on Mondays. So for me, Sunday wasn’t much different. For whatever reason, I always feel lazier on Sundays. I guess that can be that subliminal messaging they feed us. I can understand not fully enjoying Sundays if you work a M-F job that is repetitive.


    Reply Reply August 26, 2014

    Yes! This is so true. I agree 100%. I hated that feeling I get on Sundays–the Sunday blues. But then I realized it was because I was doing something I didn’t love. Then I switched gears and now look forward to the week ahead, just like you said!

  • Jessica

    Reply Reply August 29, 2014

    I work on Sunday nights too. I have usually enjoyed working on Sundays. It has been a long while since I have worked a job that I did not like. I believe that life is too short to be unhappy. Doing what I love is way more important to me than a regular paycheck and working for a corporation that I do not enjoy.

  • Austin

    Reply Reply October 2, 2014

    I was doing a job in corporate culture a couple of years ago and I am waiting for weekends during my weekdays. But from last 2 year I was doing my own work and every day is same as Sunday ! I can enjoy each with my work 🙂

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