MSL 019: Lab Rant – Social Media is a Fad?

In this “Lab Rant” Jeff answers a listener question on if Social Media is a Fad.

Lab Rant – Social Media is a Fad?

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  • Jessica

    Reply Reply August 8, 2014

    There are always new ways to market with technology and they are always changing because technology is always progressing and moving forward. There has always been a belief in my company to jump on the opportunity while it’s hot and take advantage because that opportunity is not going to last forever. When it’s gone it’s gone.

  • Efrain Sagastume

    Reply Reply August 22, 2014

    I completely agree. Social media like everything else evolves, reaches a plateau, then becomes obsolete.

    However, when it comes to social media giants like Facebook, it’s pretty safe to say that social media will stick around for quite some time.

    So as Jeff says, why not try to monetize it now, you really have nothing to lose as a marketer and everything to gain.

    You just gotta know what you’re doing, of course. 🙂

  • Dana

    Reply Reply August 23, 2014

    Ahhh human behaviour is correct. Totally agree with Jeff. I gotta say I have been looking at these blog posts and I really enjoy the “Show Notes” a lot better then the Press Play option. I like the visual. I want more visual!!! I need to see the person talking so I can understand, but I do like the fact you give me both options because not everybody is a visual person. Nice job on this blog.

  • Britanica

    Reply Reply August 26, 2014

    Facebook to me is meh. I am on board with twitter. I love using twitter for business use and just social networking in general. It is easy and you are able to drive quick traffic and word. I don’t see it as a fad. I see it as a tool that will be replaced with something better in the future.

    • Jeff Coga

      Reply Reply September 30, 2014

      We use paid ads on FB and been doing so since 2009 so it’s super cool. I’ve done some twitter but even with 20K+ follower the return on FB has been awwww better.

  • Kristin R

    Reply Reply August 29, 2014

    lol @ open huts! Social media does take time. If you try to sell to anybody that you don’t have a relationship with on social media they will block you or maybe even report you as spam. It is really important to be yourself and make real connections with people. I like that you put your video on here so I can see who I am listening to. It helps me to know more about who you are.

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