MSL 017: Lab Rant – Black Hat SEO

Have you ever heard of Black Hat SEO? Are you using it on your websites? You better listen to this Marketing Strategy Lab “Lab Rant” first.

Lab Rant – Black Hat SEO

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Show Notes From Jeff Coga

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  • Jessica

    Reply Reply August 8, 2014

    No way!!! Black hat will get your website canned! I learned long ago to steer clear of black hat. I don’t want all of my work to go to waste because I scammed to get there.

  • Dana

    Reply Reply August 23, 2014

    You know what I am going to post my comments down here because I am not a big fan of the “Facebook” comment area. That thing will quit on you or when WordPress updates and the Widget doesn’t you can lose all your comments….SO…

    Giving my white hats off to this Marketing Strategy tip! Black Hat SEO will bite you in the butt every time! Totally agree with Jeff Coga and his insight. He is so right about establishing a long term relationship and building it on a strong foundation. You can’t do that using aggressive SEO strategies. Nice rant, keep’em coming!

  • Britanica

    Reply Reply August 26, 2014

    Black hat is something you do not want to mess with. This is filled with shady and two faced marketing cheap rat-like schemes. A lot of what black hat is, is getting quick money and screwing over other people in the long run. It’s not fair to you consumers. Not to mention, black hat SEO ends up screwing you over just as badly in the end.

  • Kristin R

    Reply Reply August 29, 2014

    Bad back links is terrible! I knew you can do that. I was taught that by an old business partner of mine. I would never do it though. That is just bad karma and I think it would come back to bite you in the ass eventually!

  • roxyrockstar858

    Reply Reply September 25, 2014

    Where do I get the direct link to the podcast. Does someone even moderate this?

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