MSL 006: TTT – GOLD! Shovels, Picks, and Pans? (A History Lesson About Samuel Brannan)

In this episode of Marketing Strategy Lab’s “Think Tank Thursday” we discuss the first Gold Rush Millionaire named Samuel Brannan. Who is Sammeul Brannan?

Samuel Brannan (March 2, 1819 – May 5, 1889) was an American settler, businessman, and journalist, who founded the California Star newspaper in San Francisco, California. He is considered the first publicist of the California Gold Rush and was its first millionaire. Brannan was a colorful, energetic figure in the mid-19th-century history of California and especially of San Francisco. (Wikipedia)

Samuel Brananan


Outline Of Think Tank Thursday – GOLD! Shovels, Picks, and Pans? (A History Lesson About Samuel Brannan)

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2:01 – How the show Marketing Strategy Lab is broken down (click here learn more)

6:39 – The Story of First Gold Rush Millionaire

17:02 – How Jeff figured out his “Shovels, Picks, and Pans”

20:01 – Why Jason and Jeff respect Patt Flynn and the Smart Passive Income Podcast

23:15 – Find out what Jason’s “Shovels, Picks, and Pans” are

29:07 – Next Thursday’s show is about: Why Boobies, Girls, Liquor, and a Red Carpet Made Us $75,549.47

Show Notes From Jeff Coga
July 24, 2014 @ 03:35 PM

This our first episode of “Think Tank Thursday” and in this episode I wanted to hit home on the concept of “Shovels, Picks, and Pans”. In sales, 99.9% of the time your customer/client typically knows “what the gold is” and they just don’t know how to dig for it. Your job as a marketer is to give the solution a.k.a. the “Shovels, Picks, and Pans”. The challenge of this concept is…

What is Shovels, Picks, and Pans?

The easiest way to describe what shovels, picks, and pans are is this… they are basically what the masses want. This can be directly related to the product/service OR it can be indirect.

Let me give you examples from my business life.

My core business is real estate investments and now I have three different income streams using the shovel, picks, and pans concept.

1) Selling information products to people who wanted to learn the business.

2) Selling construction materials for people who where already flipping houses

3) Consulting investment firms on how to build a front-end marketing machine to generate motivated seller and buyer leads

Now… my new “shovels, picks, and pans” in Marketing Strategy Lab will be (drum roll please)…

Background Music Pro

What the heck is this?

We just recently partnered with a very talented musician. He is creating us 101+ royalty free background music tracks. The reason why we wanted to come out with this product is…

1) Podcasters, marketers, YouTubers, and anyone who is NOT using royalty free music can get sued. Just recently, YouTube make-up artist Michelle Phan getting sued for $7,500,000 by Ultra Records for copyright infringement.

The funny part about this law suit is… Michelle’s intention was to promote other artists to her huge YouTube followers. Kaskade, whose music has been featured in Michelle’s videos, has publicly defended Michelle against Ultra Record’s claims and acknowledges the success he’s gained from her support.

kaskade support

Phan rose to fame for her makeup tutorial videos that went viral on YouTube. She was last reported to make a whopping $5,000,000 in 2012 (click here).

2) We know every other royalty free music stinks. So why not add a little more flavor and style turning it into the biggest shovels, picks, and pans in the podcast industry. 🙂


In business, you have so many shovels, picks, and pans to choose from.

Here’s a quick list of our clients’ shovels, picks, and pans. We can’t disclose the “exact” product or name but we’ll give you the industry and what the shovels, picks, and pans are.

  • Client in the “Health and Fitness” – CrossFit Coach
    • Shovels, picks, and pans = selling books and kettle bells
  • Client in the “Continued Education Area” – Required government continued education courses.
    • Shovels, picks, and pans = Cram courses and lead generation courses
  • Client in the “Make a Website Niche” – They make custom websites
    • Shovels, picks, and pans = Special eBook they give away… “How to generate leads from your website”

As you can see, in business and in marketing, sometimes the shovels, picks, and pans aren’t directly related to your core business; But if you look hard enough you can find other avenues for income streams or other lead generation strategies.

Live Free,

Jeff Coga - Marketing Strategy Lab

Jeff Coga

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