MSL 000: Introduction to Marketing Strategy Lab with Jason Edwards and Jeff Coga

Welcome to the Marketing Strategy Lab Podcast.  In this episode, Jeff Coga and Jason Edwards take a moment to introduce themselves and then dive in to what the format of this show is going to be.  Tune in every day for a different marketing strategy, case study, tactic, tip, or anything in between. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started or you’re a highly successful mogul, this show is for you!

Outline Of Marketing Strategy Lab

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  • “Momentum Monday” – Start your Monday ON FIRE with inspirational business stories of people who overcame adversity and came out on top.
  • “Traffic and Conversion Tuesday” – How to get massive traffic and big conversions
  • “Workshop Wednesday” – We show people the nuts and bolts of… systems, tools, strategies, and tactics to increase the bottom line of your business.
  • “Think Tank Thursday” – This will involve exclusive interviews with experts;  We dig deep and dissect our guest’s recent successful and unsuccessful campaigns.
  • “Marketing Funnel Friday” – This is the time we analyze your sales funnel and give our best advice on how to improve them.
  • “Strategic Saturday” – This is a casual conversation about our best strategies, what is working NOW, as well as the current and future projects we are working on, etc.
  • “Shark Sunday” – Ever wanted to just buy an existing business from someone? On Shark Sunday, you will learn how to analyze a business before you decide to acquire it or not. We talk about building Cash Flow and use it for Cash Float, and a while lot more.

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Show Notes From Jeff Coga
July 20, 2014 @ 1:35 AM

Hey, Hi, Hello! Jeff Coga in the hizzous!!!!!

It’s pretty darn late and I’m losing to a staring contest with the back of my eyelids. So, I decided to take a selfie – just to prove a dumb point.

funny asian face


That’s not me but here’s my real picture… this picture is on my instagram and I call this…

“Jeff Coga and the Lion’s Mane”

jeff coga - instagram picture

Can you guess what the mane is made of ? Leave a comment below! 😉

Why the heck would I ramble on with a dumb picture? The reason is simple. I need to get your attention!  If you read this blog this far, you either will…

1) Think I’m a funny dude – I kinda am.


2) Think I’m an idiot – which I kinda am, too.

Whatever you think of me, I wanted to prove a marketing point.

In marketing, you MUST do something to snap people out of the trance they live in. I’m not making this up! This is taught by an American academic author named Tom Davenport Jr. who released a book called: The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business.  Tom goes on to talk about how we all live in an attention deficit society. In other words, he mentions most people have an attention span of a horse fly because there is too much stimuli that take our attention away.


Just look at your own life. I’m sure there has been a time that you were working and suddenly you get an urge to check out Facebook. How about watching TV? Or how about when you suddenly switch to checking your email or divert to your phone to send out a text? Exactly. This is the reason why you and I can’t stay focused. We’re living in a very “noisy” world and that is why Tom Davenport says we live in an attention deficit society. Thus, the “new currency” is our ability to capture people’s attention.  This phenomenon forces marketers like you and I to do things differently. One way to allocate people’s attention is to simply… entertain them.

Now that we got that out of the way… let’s move on. 🙂

Why am I writing this blog at 1:41 AM on a Sunday?

I want to give you three darn good reasons on why you should keep listening to Marketing Strategy Lab!

  1. This is the ONLY 7-days-a-week kinda show that specializes on marketing! If you know another show, please leave a comment below.
  2. Jason and I are NOT researchers… we run multiple online businesses in different niches. This means, we know what works, has worked, and what hasn’t worked (And yes, we’re sometimes wrong! But we’ll admit it.).
  3. The last reason and MOST important reason why you should keep listening and subscribe to the show is… we’re not always right but we’re transparent. Meaning, we’ll be telling you about marketing campaigns that not only worked (a.k.a made our clients and us money) but sh*t that DOESN’T work. We’re doing this because we believe too many marketing blogs talk about the successes instead of the failures. I don’t know about you but… I’ve learned WAAAAAAAY more when I actually lose money. Yeah, it’s really sad but it’s true!

If I haven’t convinced you to subscribe to the Marketing Strategy Lab yet, let me lay out some of the goals we have for the show and how it can help your business increase traffic, conversion, and revenue. If I already peaked your interest, click here and subscribe to the show today!

The Goal of Marketing Strategy Lab Podcast

“The First 60 Days”: In the first 60 days of the show we have specific goals we want to reach. Why 60 days? In the first 60 days any “new podcast” gets to stay on the new and noteworthy section of iTunes. This area is like getting your website ranked on the first page of Google. Meaning, we get tons of free exposure to get new listeners and subscribers. We learned this on our first podcast that we launched called Real Estate Strategy Lab and turned it into a six-figure business working part-time. Now Jason and I are going full-time and looking to turn this into a seven-figure business. If you like to learn exactly how we started our first podcast and made $13,199 in 3 months part-time, click here to find out more information.

Disclaimer and Really Really Nerdy Geek Stuff: Currently Jason and I both are in the real estate industry. I am a real estate developer and you may ask… if you’re sooooo successful in real estate, why are you going into this new business? That’s a great question and the answer is really simple. #1) I really enjoy marketing and coming up with weird campaigns. Yeah, call me strange. #2) Uncle Sam. Anyone who has “flipped a house” will tell you that we get taxed sh*t load.  I also live in California so that doesn’t help either. Not to mention scalability. When you have disposable cash in your business, you need to figure out a way to expense it out. And I don’t want to park it in real estate, I rather buy or partner up on online businesses – especially since I believe we’re going to see another crash very soon. So, guess where we will expense out the disposable cash? Yup. We’re going to parlay it in this business to build the infrastructure and use the cash float strategy to generate monthly revenue until we get sponsors, affiliate commissions,  help consulting clients, and launch our product. That is why we have a segment on Sunday called “Shark Sundays” where  I’ll be looking to buy or fund online businesses. We have a strategic game plan so make sure to subscribe to Marketing Strategy Lab as soon as you can. Now, on to the goals! 🙂

Here is Marketing Strategy Lab’s Goals For The First 60 Days:

  • Get 500+ reviews on iTunes. Why is this important to you? You get to follow the journey of how we’re going to break the record on iTunes.
  • 45 Days straight on NUMBER 1 rank on iTunes in the Business Management & Marketing category. Why is this important to you? Again… from our research – no one has done this. You will get to be part of this journey and see how we monetize the podcast platform and witness how we’ll stay ranked number 1.
  • Campaign Launch. On November 3, 2011, the federal government passed H.R. 2930 – The Entrepreneurs Access to Capital Act. This opens the flood gates for non-accredited investors to invest in basically anything. Jason and I believe that this is going to be the new future of how small tech companies will raise pre-seed or seed money. We will do a campaign on Kickstarter to prove how easy it is. We are currently working out the details of this launch so stay tuned.
  • We’ll be doing daily episodes focused on marketing. Why marketing? We believe that every business that runs into cashflow problems do not have a solid marketing strategy to win in its market place. Plus, no other podcast focuses on marketing and does a daily show.

Here is Marketing Strategy Lab’s Goals For  The First 12 Months:

  • Create a seven figure business (actual goal: $100,000 per month = $1,200,000). How did we come up with this number? We already did a six-figure business part-time in a niche where the market is controlled by local trends. By going into a niche we’re most passionate about a.k.a marketing… we know we can go 10x.
  • Jason and I have been consulting businesses in health fitness, music, real estate, eCommerce, and information publishing. We will now grow our consulting business and help 52 companies grow a minim of 3x revenue. Most of the companies we have worked with have gone 5x revenue but we would like to take on start up companies as well – this means, these companies may offset the average.
  • Donate 20% of our income to a charity we are passionate about. We believe in giving back and change this country’s school system. I personally have many friends who are educators in the public school system and to hear them say “I want to quit being a teacher because of the bureaucracy” pisses me off. We are not sure exactly which non-profit we’ll serve but so far The New Teacher Project is on top of our list.
  • Do a weird and strange good deed every month. Stay tuned for this one. 🙂

Phew! That was a lot of information right? 

As you can see… we have some pretty ginormous goals for Marketing Strategy Lab and we know it can’t be done just by ourselves. That is why we’re reaching and asking for your help by first subscribing to our podcast and leaving us a review on iTunes.

If I haven’t convinced  you on why you should help Marketing Strategy Lab – I just don’t know what will. It’s now 2:27 A.M. and I’m really losing to a staring contest with the back of my eyelids. So, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Live Free,

Jeff Coga - Marketing Strategy Lab

Jeff Coga

P.S. If you’re reading this… it either means #1) You just scrolled down really fast and didn’t read every word on this page. If you did SHAME ON YOU for not reading everything… OR… #2) You followed my instruction and read every word on this page and wondering who this “Jeff Coga” character is.  If you’re wondering who I am, let’s connect. 🙂 My social media profile is below – make sure to add me on all the following platforms.

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P.S.S. Oh, and PLEAAAAAASSSEEEE make sure to subscribe to Marketing Strategy Lab, leave a comment and a review. It will mean the world to me! Let’s spread the good karma!

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  • Frankie

    Reply Reply July 28, 2014

    just bookmarked this, i just love the free spirit not the same old interview someone type of podcast. I also left a review on itunes! BTW u never said how I’m supposed to get the gift for the review, what’s next?

  • Veronica

    Reply Reply July 29, 2014

    Amazing amazing amazing!! And by the way, I did not just scroll down really fast, I actually read each and every word, plus listened to the podcast! I’ve actually thoroughly enjoyed reading your tips and your business plan. You are so right about the human attention span; if you don’t do quirky things, you lose an audience pretty quickly. People can’t just sit and read an informational blog / or listen to another boring podcast. You need to add humor into it, which is exactly what you guys have done with the podcast and in this article.

    In the mix of the humor, you actually write some useful information. Keeping people intrigued IS key. I’m impressed that you make 6 figures off of this, and can’t even fathom 7. It’s truly inspirational; you hear stories everyday of people getting successful off the internet, but It’s extremely hard to believe. Just goes to show that hard work and dedication can make anything possible.

    You’re also correct about the real estate business; it will crash again. You don’t want to invest money in that, so I believe investing it online is the perfect way to go. The internet is booming and will continue to do so; might as well invest in businesses. Very smart!

    I am truly bookmarking this page and will continue listening to MOST of your podcasts. I am curious to see where this journey will take the two of you. I really do hope you reach your goals, but I’m sure you will.

  • Annie Marie Peters

    Reply Reply July 29, 2014

    I’ve never seen a marketing podcast that broadcasts 7 days a week. It’s a very good niche! I run a business from home, and as any entrepreneur knows, business is happening 24/7. It will be nice to use this as a constant stream of inspiration and motivation throughout the week.

  • Cisco

    Reply Reply July 31, 2014

    Sounds like a cool idea! I’m always involved in side jobs where better marketing skills can come in handy.

    P.S. I am gonna guess that thing around your head is one of those paper toilet bowl covers they provide in some public bathrooms? lol Good luck with the podcast! Gonna try to check in when I can.

  • Hrvoje

    Reply Reply August 2, 2014

    Good luck! I believe in you! You will be successful for sure! I like this text a lot, especially first part which is very funny. For sure, we live in an attention deficit society. It’s more and more difficult to get attention of people and even more difficult to keep it.

  • Jessica

    Reply Reply August 9, 2014

    I am going to guess that the lion’s mane is a toilet seat cover :p Wow! Having a different show every day is pretty intense! Seems like you guys have a whole lot going on! I am also curious to find out how many comments you have gotten and how far along with this goal you are – like how many days have you been doing this? I also think it’s cool that you are giving away the wrist bands as an incentive to gain more reviews.

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