Episode #7: [1K Challenge] How To Use Disruptive Innovation and Competitive Intelligence to Set You Up For Success.

Episode #7: [1K Challenge]

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In this 7th episode of the 1K Challenge: Where you’ll learn how to make $1,000 in 60 days or less creating an online business and how millennials can make passive income with a cellphone and a laptop. Jeff goes in depth about high level mindset and strategy you MUST follow to succeed in the 1K Challenge. Also please remember that the first 9 episodes of this podcast series is dedicated to lay the foundation before you go on the 1K Challenge. The 1K Challenge will start November 15th, 2014. Make sure to go to www.1kOnline.com to join this challenge.

Here’s the Show Overview:

  • What is the Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategy
  • What is a Competitive Advantage and How Not To Become a Statistic
  • Competitive Intelligence: How You Can Spy On Your Competition
  • How You Can Use An “Ebay” Like Website To Sell Stuff Online
  • Why Using a “Regular” Website Doesn’t Work and How to Use This Special Site



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