MSL 006: TTT – GOLD! Shovels, Picks, and Pans? (A History Lesson About Samuel Brannan)

Marketing Strategy Lab - Oregon Trail

In this episode of Marketing Strategy Lab’s “Think Tank Thursday” we discuss the first Gold Rush Millionaire named Samuel Brannan. Who is Sammeul Brannan? Samuel Brannan (March 2, 1819 – May 5, 1889) was an American settler, businessman, and journalist, who founded the California Star newspaper in San Francisco, California. He is considered the first…

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MSL 005: Lab Rant – Kim Kardashian = Marketing Genius?

kim kardashian - marketing strategy lab

In this Marketing Strategy Lab’s “Lab Rant”, Jeff Coga talks about the marketing genius behind Kim Kardashian’s new multi-million dollar success with her “Hollywood” app. Outline Of Lab Rant -Kim Kardashian = Marketing Genius? The Click Play and Listen to Marketing Strategy Lab: The Best Damn Online Marketing Show on The Planet Reference Links: Why ‘Kim…

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MSL 004: WW Evergreen Sales Machines (Part 1) – Proven Methods to Quickly Build Multiple Online Businesses That Run On Autopilot

Marketing Strategy Lab - Evergreen Sales Machine

In this episode of Marketing Strategy Lab’s “Workshop Wednesday”, Jeff and Jason cover the journey on how they created a six-figure information publishing and consulting business by leveraging free media. This is a two-part episode so make sure to catch Part Two next week on “Workshop Wednesday”. BONUS: Our gift to you!!! Make sure to…

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MSL 003: Lab Rant – Over $15,000 in Courses and No Results?

Marketing Strategy Lab - Finger Pointing

In this episode of Marketing Strategy Lab’s “Lab Rants”, Jeff Coga answers a listener’s question about why they haven’t made any money online even though they have listened to all the experts and spent well over $15,000 in courses. Outline Of Lab Rant - Over $15,000 in Courses and No Results The Click Play and Listen…

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MSL 002: Traffic Tuesday – Coga’s Yoga Case Study – Shine Like a Nova!

Coga’s Yoga Case Study - Marketing Strategy Lab

In this episode of Marketing Strategy Lab’s “Traffic Tuesday”, Jeff and Jason cover a recent case study of how Jeff helped a consulting client in the Yoga industry make over $5,000 in a weekend and get enough money to cover her upcoming payroll. Some of the challenges they faced was an outdated website from 1999,…

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MSL 001: Lab Rant – Kobe Bryant Kills Lakers Championship

Kobe, What Do You Mean You Don't Know?

In this Marketing Strategy Lab Rant, Jeff Coga rants about how Kobe Bryant’s basketball contract kills the Los Angeles Lakers’ opportunity to win the 2014-2015 Championship. How can a “leader” claim he’ll do whatever it takes, yet he’s not willing to let the other people on his team eat? Jeff then covers a business lesson on what…

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MSL 000: Introduction to Marketing Strategy Lab with Jason Edwards and Jeff Coga

Marketing Strategy Lab - Episode 00

Welcome to the Marketing Strategy Lab Podcast.  In this episode, Jeff Coga and Jason Edwards take a moment to introduce themselves and then dive in to what the format of this show is going to be.  Tune in every day for a different marketing strategy, case study, tactic, tip, or anything in between. Whether you…

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RE2PECT Derek Jeter – The Legacy You Leave

Derek Jeter

Jason Edwards here, Have you seen the RE2PECT Derek Jeter commercial? I’m a huge baseball fan and a Derek Jeter fan but even if you are not a baseball fan, odds are you have heard of Derek Jeter (if not click here – Who is Derek Jeter).  What you may not know is that he…

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