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We Help You Create, Market, and Sell Your Digital Products Online… While Automating The Process!

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What Can Marketing Strategy Lab Help You With?

We help you build  and automate your information publishing business by increasing traffic, conversion, and profits!

Welcome to Marketing Strategy Lab! If you’re new to the world of product creation, information publishing, or how to automate your information publishing business, this website is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start leveraging the power of the internet to grow profits and to automate your information publishing business!

Marketing: The Definition

In order to build a successful information publishing business, we all know that marketing is the blood line to any business and an information publishing business is no different. Before we get into exactly how we can help, you must first understand what the term “marketing” really means. Here’s what Wikipedia Says…

In other words, it’s the “process” of communicating the value of a product to customers, for the purpose of selling that information product. We help speed up the process of communicating your value to your customer by creating and implementing proven systems which will automate customer acquisition, sales, and fulfilment.

Common Myth of Creating an Information Product

Don’t Be Misinformed. Discover Why You Should Create A Digital Product Today!

  • Creating an Information Product is NOT Easy And It Takes A Lot of Hard Work.

    Nothing in life comes easy but “working dumb and hard” is inefficient. We like to “work smart and hard” which produces the highest ROI for our clients and ourselves.

  • Creating an Info Product Online Does NOT Happen Overnight.

    Yup you’re right. It doesn’t happen overnight BUT… we have created products over a weekend. It’s just a matter of creating a strategic plan and working the plan.

  • Making Money Selling Information Product Is NOT Profitable.

    Having a digital product where you do not have to “snail mail” helps you create a business with little to no capital. We believe it’s the fastest and most profitable business you can own. Some of our clients sell well over 7-figures a year from a laptop and cell phone.

How Do You Work With Us?

Ready To Get Started? There’s A Few Steps You Need To Take Before We Can Work Together. 

UPDATE: December 26, 2014

To do high demand and making sure the quality of work stays up, we are currently NOT taking on any new clients. If you would like to work with us please click the link below to fill out a one page quick application and we will notify you when we can take on new projects. Thank you!

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About The Marketing Strategy Lab Podcast

Did You Know We Run iTunes FASTEST Growing Digital Marketing Podcast?

Marking Strategy Lab podcast is created to make a community where marketers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create an information products get ideas on:

  • How to create and sell information products online.
  • How to increase more traffic, conversions and sales.
  • How to become a “Bad Ass Marketer”

This two days a week business podcast is for people who are looking to break free of the old 9 to 5 by creating an information product and selling it online. We’re not top ranked yet on iTunes, but we will be. The show is hosted by Jason Edwards and Jeff Coga (me) who actually sell information products online using strategies discussed on Marketing Strategy Lab. In other words, we aren’t journalists or so-called “researchers/gurus”…

We actually do this and it’s given us financial freedom.

Make sure to our mastermind group “The Bad Ass Marker Mastermind”.

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